Welcome to Family Fun Inishowen!

Wea��re here to try to put together a list of what there is to do in Inishowen for people with small children (under 8 yrs. old). Ita��s often hard to find the time to spend quality family time together a�� especially with a busy work life and even busier weekends. Here we hope to have a quick access for you to check out what Inishowen has to offer, both indoors (for those nasty days) and outdoor (to explore our amazing landscape and the Wild Atlantic Way). Dona��t spend half the day trying to decide what to do, or where to go, and if the weather will be just right a�� check out this website and at a glance you can see whata��s out there so you can concentrate on spending quality time together, to relax, laugh and play.

This will be a work in progress. Wea��d really appreciate it if you could Contact Us (link) and let us know about any places of interest or activities, suitable to young children, in the Inishowen area that we may have missed. Also, please let us know if you have visited any of these places and if you found them good, in terms of accessibility, cost, suitability to young children, level of fun, or if we should bring anything in particular with us to make the visit more fun!

Check out the links below and start your family fun today!!

Outdoor Fun

Outdoor Fun


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