What wea��re about!

Hi! MyA�husband and I have two small boys, aged 3 and a half and 1 and a half.A�The fifth member of our family, is a lovely collie-lab retriever cross.

I work full time and find that when I get home in the evening, time is at a premium. Sorting dinner, tomorrows lunch boxes, tidying etc. etc. Weekends are more of the same a�� busy catching up on laundry, cleaning, and all the things you put off during the week.

I have found that quality time with my boys is suffering. We always plan to do something at the weekenda��but it invariably gets pushed out till a�?latera��, then a�?after luncha��, then a�?after dinnera��. Ita��s only if we have a plan in place of where wea��re going or what wea��re going to do, that we actually get around to getting out of the house!

I have found that I can be trawling through the internet at weekends trying to find something suitable for my young kids, and by the time Ia��ve found it a�� the will has gone!!

Soa��I thought if I had a place that I can go to, that lists all activities suitable to my kidsa�� age group, in and around where I live, I can quickly choose something suitable to the weather, to our energy levels, and to the moods of my family members.

I want to get outdoors more. I want to spend more quality time with my family. I want to teach my kids about play and fun and nature and family. I want us all to get more active. And I thought that maybe some of you might too!