Thank you to the makers of dramamine for the new formula, it works just as the box says and it still keeps me from getting motion sick.

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Description about Dramamine.

Meclizine may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

I have had a terrible migraine for 5 days. Last night before bed.I tried Dramamine thinking it would take away some of the nausea I’d been experiencing. To my surprise in about an hour the migraine was gone! I’ve just woken up to find that even the tightness in my neck is gone too! During the course of the past 5 days I have used the following to treat my migraine. Imitrex.Excederin Migraine.Phosphorus.A homeopathic migraine med from Whole Foods.Tai Chi and a visit buy dramamine in singapore my Chiropracter. Each of the remedies worked to lessen symptoms temporarily.but left me with a tiny pressure that eventually returned as a migraine. I am clear of symptoms now and I had to share. I will post again if I find anything else of interest.I should mention I took Benadryl at the same time (my nightly ritual).

The medication has also been used as a sedative and/or to prevent vomiting and nausea in some pets.

Eczema.pruritus.inflammation.papular rash.erythema on exposed skin may occur with topical formulation.

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in order to reduce the risk of your dog experiencing any unwanted side effects because of being given dramamine, give your dog this medication along with a small amount of food.



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