Hydrochlorothiazide, hctz; propranolol moderate use of a beta-1-selective cardioselective beta blocker is recommended whenever possible when this combination of drugs must be used together.

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Hypersensitivity. Anaphylactic reactions. necrotizing angiitis (vasculitis.cutaneous vasculitis). respiratory distress including pneumonitis. fever. urticaria.rash.purpura.photosensitivity.

Propranolol therapy.particularly in infants and children.diabetic or not.has been associated with hypoglycemia especially during fasting as in preparation for surgery. Hypoglycemia also has been found after this type of drug therapy and prolonged physical exertion and has occurred in renal insufficiency.both during dialysis and sporadically.in patients on propranolol.

7. Ibsen H.Sederberg-Olsen P “Changes in glomerular filtration rate during long-term treatment with propranolol in patients with arterial hypertension.” Clin Sci 44 (1973). 129-34.

Cimetidine decreases the hepatic metabolism of propranolol.delaying elimination and increasing blood levels.

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migraine patients who have been prescribed propranolol, a popular beta-blocker that also doubles up to reduce the number and severity of migraine episodes as a migraine prophylactic but get no relief from taking it can now breathe a sigh of relief as the study demonstrates that chemical candesartan proves as if not more effective for migraine prophylaxis.



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